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Great part of our production is directed toward to industries of bolts, nuts, rivets and others products cold molded in presses of one or more stages.

Our technical department develops researches for the application of carbide steel in tools that demand more resistance to consuming and projects for conformation of bolts in machines of multiple stages.

Some examples are:

● Matrices for stamping and extrusion

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● Pre-pressure and final hammers
● Tri-lobulated matrices
● Segmented hexagonal hammers for flange bolts
● Segmented hammers for tile bolts
● Segmented matrices for French bolts
● Segmented matrices for hexagonal and square nuts
● Matrices for stretch
● Rings for tubes extrusion
● Mechanical seals
● Spare parts for wired machines
● Wire guide, rollers, mandrils, draw plates


WidiaTec Indústrial LTDA

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