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Always thinking about attending its clients expectation, WidiaTec does not stop developing the potential of humans and technological resources.

Following, we present our new equipments and machines and their respectives technical capacities:

5 axis wire erosion

Manufacturer: CHARMILLES (Switzerland)
Model: ROBOFIL 290 P
X – 400 mm
Y – 250 mm
Z – 200 mm
U – 400 mm
V – 250 mm
Table dimension: 850 X 500 X 200 MM Ø wire from 0.1 to 0.3 mm
Allowable weight over the table: 500 Kg

CNC lathe

Manufacturer: ROMI (Brazil)
Model: CENTUR 30D
Technical capacities:
Allowable over bus: 420 mm
Distance between ends: 1.000 mm
Diameter over transversal car: 200 mm

Software Pitágoras

CAD/CAM software for wire electro-erosion machines, drills and CNC lathe.

Note: Latest version for better employment of time, quality and costs.

WidiaTec Indústrial LTDA

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